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Wilderness Survival Corp​

Tactical Defense Survival Weekend

 Self-defense course

 Opponent submission techniques

 Weapon defense

 Urban survival techniques

 Evasion techniques

 Wilderness Tracking techniques

 Cost: $195 early and $250 late registration

 Length: 1 day

 Cost: $395 early and $450 late registration

 Length: 2 days/1 nights

  •  Instructor:
    Items Needed: Axe, hand saw, knife, canteen w/ food and water, outdoor clothing, overnight camping gear if you plan to stay overnight.
    Advanced-Must complete the Advanced  Survival Completion
    -Construct a hand drill kit and complete a friction fire from beginning to end.
    -Have constructed at least three primitive shelters and slept in each of them over the two standards.
    -Student must complete and set four types of primitive traps, two primitive snares, and one fish trap.
    -Student must be able to identify ten edible plants, five medicinal plants, and three poisonous plants.
    -Lastly, the student will make at least six feet of cordage and be able to make two basic cutting tools from the land. And you must complete the final two days of the advanced standard without food or water that you  brought with you! 
    The advanced standard course takes the skills from the Advanced Survival Course and builds on them to enable the survivor to have more skill sets in order to increase their bush craft comfort and understanding. This is the second class in the Advanced  Survival Completion and  is a difficult class in itself because of the demands put on the student. The course is 100% taught in the field with hands on training and there is no classroom  lecture time at all! This course is a transition course that will begin to test your survival skills and take your basic skill sets to a whole other level. The purpose of the wilderness survival standard courses is to slowly transition you into being able to live completely off the land and this will be the first taste of actually putting these skills you’ve learned to the test in a real survival scenario.
    ATTENTION: You do not have to take our basic course to attend the Advanced Standard!
    Subjects Covered Include:
    -Advanced shelter building and a frame debris bed
    -Advanced primitive water procurement
    -Primitive hand drill and modern methods for fire building
    -Advanced primitive trap building-Advanced primitive fishing traps
    -Animal tracking-Camp field craft and bush craft techniques
    -Wild edibles and medicinal plants/As we move about the property instructors will explain the uses of a variety of plants