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Wilderness Survival Leadership Training

Corporate Training Leadership and Team Building Survival Skill Training

Just as in the wilderness, where skills such as building a fire, or building a shelter are needed to survive, every leader needs essential skills to survive the workplace! One very essential skill is learning to be a team builder. More often than not, team builders carry the day. You will learn various aspects of effective team building in our Wilderness Survival Course that will benefit you in the workplace as well as the wilderness. This practical, yet powerful training series is packed with adventurous experiential learning activities that bring training to life. It empowers leaders with the tools they need to enrich their work experience, to exert increased influence in their organization, to strengthen teams, and to free up time needed to focus on accomplishing the organization’s mission. This training program can serve as a leadership primer for new or aspiring leaders or as a refresher for the most experienced of leaders. All participants are sure to gain from this leadership and team building experience.

Leadership and Team Building Survival Skills Topics

• Introduction to Leadership Survival Skills

• Maintaining & Building Trust

• Keeping Motivated & Motivating Others

• Team Building • Delegating Skills

• Effective Communication

• Conflict Management

• Goal Setting for Leadership Development

 Cost: $150 per participant. Includes: 8 hour Wilderness Survival Course,

Leadership introduction with Team building exercises Group Discount of 50% is available for groups over 10 participants with prepaid events.

Lunch is an additional $15 per person.