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Planning and preparation for a safe recreation adventure ensures the trip is safe, fun, and worry free.There are seven basic steps that must be implemented to realize full benefit:

-Plan Your Hike
-Don’t Travel Alone
-Leave Word
-Know Your Limits
-Remain with the Group
-Stay on the Trail
-Prepare for the Worst
​All steps are integrated. Leaving out a step breaks the relationship, potentially compromising the trip’s safety.
-NAVIGATION- Map, Compass, GPS
-COMMUNICATION- Whistle, Signal Mirror, Cellular Phone, Note Pad and Pencil
-LIGHTING- Flashlight and/or Headlamp, Spare Batteries
-EXTRA CLOTHING- Base Layer, Middle Layer, Outer Layer, Head Covering, Gloves
-FIRST AID- First Aid Kit, Medication, Sun Protection, Blister Protection, Insect
-FIRE- Matches in Waterproof Container, Fire Starter
-TOOLS- Knife, Pocket Saw, Tool Kit
-WATER- Water Container, Water Purification
-EXTRA FOOD- High Energy Food Items
-SHELTER- Poncho or Tarp, Bivy Sack, Sleeping Bag, Ground Pad, Space Blanket
​Continually Perform Self-Checks. Be aware if circumstances are such that you’re considering, or are required to, leave out a step.

Many who hike or backpack in National Forests, Parks, Wilderness, or other back country areas are often completely unprepared, making them vulnerable to many potential dangers. The landscape that lies beyond a campground, trailhead, or parking area can be hostile to those who are ill-advised, unprepared, or not equipped to deal with unforseen dangers.Search and Rescue (SAR) agencies regularly respond to incidents that could have been easily prevented had the victims followed some basic steps before and during their hiking or backpacking experience.Are you a beginning outdoor adventurer? Do you have little or no knowledge of the subject at hand, yet have, or may soon have, a desire to go hiking or backpacking on a forest, park, or wilderness trail? If so, this website is designed for you.

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