What's Included?

The Training: 10 lessons Introduction

  • Combat Hapkido: Basic Survival Skills
  • Psychology of Defense: Assertiveness / Confidence
  • Close Quarter Combat (2 lessons)
  • Escapes (2 lessons)
  • Strikes
  • Scenario Training: How to disable opponents
  • Deadly Force Situations
  • Stranger Awareness
  • Abductions: Strike back
  • Weapons Knife and gun defense


  1. Orientation
  2. Patriot Self Defense Training Manual
  3. Patriot Self Defense T-Shirt
  4. Graduation Certificate
  5. Patriot Self Defense Classes

We will teach and show people the basics of self defense including:

  • Self Defense Training from the basic moves and psychology to Certificate Programs
  • How to defend against enemy combatants from Abductors defense to bar room fights
  • Women Self Defense against predators
  • Basic defense strikes and disarmament body throws
  • Pressure point on the human body and where to strike, this helps those currently in the process of MMA Training or other self defense classes, this part of the martial arts training is now very modern and once the Combat Hapkido training techniques have been taught or studied can be very useful for self defense

$35 per lesson          $295 per 10 lesson course             Student/ senior discount 10%
Self Defense Training

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