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Here are the 7 basic types of gear you will need for your Bug Out Bag:
1. Water: Learn to purify water with water purification systems and natural elements.
It should go without saying that water is a survival basic for any situation. In a survival situation water quickly becomes the most precious commodity.1 Liter per day per person is really the bare minimum. So your 3 day Bug Out Bag should have at least 3 liters of water.To expand your capability or survive longer than a couple of days you will need a water purification system.
2. Food: Learn to subsist on the land and its natural food from critters to edibles in your yard.
Backpack Meals For a 3 Day Bug Out Bag Backpack Meals and Energy Bars can be sufficient. Back pack meals are freeze dried meals that you just add boiling water to. They are light weight and last a long time.Obviously you will need a longer term food solution in any type of wide area catastrophe, but for your basic Bug Out Bag backpack meals are a good set up.
3. Clothing: Be prepared to survive with a minimum of clothing. Protection first, dry and warm.
Your Bug Out Bag clothes should be similar to what you would pack for a weekend backpacking trip.A pair of sturdy boots or shoes. A pair of long pants, 2 Pairs of socks, 2 Shirts, A Jacket that is both warm and protection from rain and the elements.
4. Shelter: Survival under a protective tarp or cover is better than being drenched or frozen...
Ground tarp...If you are going to survive for 3 days you are going to need protection from the elements and a warm dry place to sleep.
5. First Aid: Have a basic First Aid Kit for basic emergencies from burns, to cuts with disinfectants.
First Aid Gear: Have a Sawyer Extractor for Poisonous Snake Bites
6. Basic Gear: Emergency supplies only to last through a 3 - 10 day period. Nothing but Survival.
Rain Gear – at least 2 ways to stay dry in the rain. Poncho and Coat are good coupled with your Tent/Shelter Fire – A bare minimum of 3 different ways to make fire.You’re also going to need something to cut your firewood (axe and saw blade) a knife uses too much energy long term: Choosing the Best Survival Cooking pans (metal cup with canteen a minimum. A light – At least 2 dependable flashlights and a backup set of batteries for each.Survival Knife. Signal mirror.
7. Fire making: Learn to start a fire.Have a fire starter kit (matches, flint and knap, tinder, birch bark)
8. Weapons.Being prepared to defend yourself is part of the survivalist mindset.
You should have a Survival Knife, ax, Compound Bow, Gun with ammunition and a large stick with forked spear at the tip for protection, snake snaring, fishing and hunting.

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