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Wilderness Survival Corp Seminar 4 hour course, is an informative workshop that will provide an overview of a variety of important survival topics. It is a 1 hour orientation course that is part of each wilderness survival course and a 3 hour on site wilderness training course. We will cover: pre-trip planning and prerequisites,
determining priorities in emergency settings: Safety, Shelter, Fire, Water, Food, Signaling.

Establishing clear and concise plans that work 

  • Fire skills for adverse conditions
  • Emergency shelter basics
  • Rescue signal devices
  • Water procurement and disinfection

4 hour course $70 per person.This course can be taken on scheduled Saturday mornings from 8 Am to 12 PM as part of the one day course or weekend course.

Groups of ten can schedule their own course by appointment.​

Wilderness Survival Corp​

Standard Wilderness Survival: Field Training

 Wilderness Survival Skills

Training will cover:

  • Selecting a safe site to build a shelter or set up base camp
  • Shelter construction: - a great group shelter - adapting it to your environment (natural and manmade materials may be utilized)
  • Fire skills: fire pit placement, fuel types, reflectors, windbreaks, finding dry materials in severe weather, and proper extinguishing methods
  • Cooking method: spit cooking and hot coals
  • Knots and lashings for multiple uses
  • Basics in water procurement, filtering and disinfection
  • Wild edibles: an introduction to identification, habitat, seasons, preparation, edibility, and medicinal or other uses
  • Survival kits, clothing, and equipment for multiple environments
  • A slide show and equipment will supplement this training

8 Hour course $150 per person.This course can be taken as part of the 3 day weekend or as a stand alone on Saturday( minimum 10 participants schedule online for your particular course date)